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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. fox 5 all over the big stories at 10:00. a terrifying attack in a quiet community. a woman says she was pulled off the street and sexually assaulted. president obama hitting d.c. schools where it hurts, why he says his kids can't get
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a quality education in a d.c. public classroom. nuclear sites shut down without warning and tonight former top military brass reveal the stunning reason why. we begin with the fox 5 storm force. our area under a flash flood watch tonight. good evening, everyone. i'm laura evans in for brian. >> and i'm shawn yancy. the rain letting up a few hours tonight but already round two is moving in and could pack a punch. fox 5's sue palka is tracking it all from the weather center tonight. >> for weeks we've been saying we need rain and we're getting it in some spots tonight but others sort of being left out from the big rainfall totals. several more batches to go, though, tonight. we'll take you straight to radar. much of the area hasn't seen much in the evening hours. we had a big round earlier today that affected some spots, montgomery and howard in particular with 1 to 2 inches of rain. i think you can see most of the heaviest rain is kind of scooting east mostly on the bay. we'll get in closer. this is where pretty heavy downpours are occurring tonight, but when we go over to
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true view, you'll be able to see several more batches coming and i think we'll see a lot of this in the overnight hours and into the first part of tomorrow morning's rush hour. we need to wait for this area of low pressure down over georgia to come up and over us and that process is going to take a few more hours. bottom line, rounds of rain still to come and the flash flood watch is up until 8:00 in the morning. we'll take you over to max. you'll be able to see. that how much rain are we talking and where? we thought we'd give you an idea because in the next 12 hours it looks like the heavy y rain will be along and east of i-95, around 1 to 2 inches of rain could still fall with lighter amounts off to our west and not out othe question a rumble of thunder and at times even on the severe side, some of the storms earlier today rotated a bit. we haven't seen anything like that tonight, but it's going to be a long night. you may need extra time for the morning rush hour, more details in a little while. the other big story we are following tonight, the search for a rapist in montgomery
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county. police say he attacked a woman on the side of frederick road near high point drive in germantown. fox 5's wisdom martin joins us live with the details. >> reporter: investigators say that the victim was walking at night alone in this area going from one location to a local store to meet a friend when she was attacked by a stranger. police say the 21-year-old woman flagged them down at the 7-eleven store around 3:30 in the morning. she told investigators she was hanging out with friends nearby, then decided to walk to the store to meet another friend. that's when she says she was attacked. >> as she was approaching high point drive, an unknown man approached her from behind, grabbed her and dragged her to a wooded area. >> reporter: the suspect sexually assaulted the victim, then ran away. unfortunately police say the victim did not get a good look at her attacker. >> we have a limited suspect description at this time.
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unconfirmed race of this male attacker, believed to be in his 20s or 30s. she describes him as short and with a medium build. >> reporter: it's disturbing news to some who live in this community. >> it's kind of scary to hear because i'm here in this area almost every day because my son is at the academy of martial arts. so we come here for his class. so when i heard this, i was really shocked. >> it's pretty scary. i feel like it's a threat to the community and something has to be done about. that. >> reporter: police do not believe the victim knew her attacker. until they catch the suspect investigators are trying to get the word out and telling people to be extra careful. >> make sure that they're aware of their surroundings when they're out walking, particularly after dark late at night or early in the morning. >> reporter: now at this point investigators do not believe this particular attack is connected to any other crime in
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the area. shawn. >> wisdom, thank you. a maryland teenager facing charges tonight after his 2- year-old brother accidentally shot himself. it happened at n hagerstown. 16-year-old -- in hagerstown. 16-year-old marcus longus had a stolen handgun under his bed and the toddler found it. longus is charged as an adult with five offenses. his girl friend is accused of hiding the gun at a nearby playground after the shooting. a virginia community is mourning tonight after the sudden death of a star high school football player. austin trenum was found unresponsive at his home this morning. went to district high school in nokesville. a cause of death was not confirmed but they tell fox 5 the death does not appear to be accidental. >> he of the one person that everybody was friends -- he was the one person that everybody was friends. with he was funny and could pretty much make everybody laugh and feel better in an instant. it's hard. everybody is taking it hard. >> austin's family released a statement saying in part austin was a wonderful son, brother
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and grandson. he was deeply loved by his family and highly respected by his teammates, friends and classmates. funeral arrangements are being made. president obama said it flat out, d.c. schools are not good enough for his daughters. that's right after his secretary of education complimented schools chancellor michelle rhee on the job she's done. fox 5's roby chavez has more. >> the d.c. school system is now front and center in the current national education debate. today the president of the united states was put on the spot for sending his kids to a private school. mr. obama acknowledged d.c. schools fall short. >> i wanted to know whether or get the same high malia and quality rigorous education in a d.c. public school as compared to their very elite private academy that they're attending now. >> reporter: a florida woman appearing on nbc's today show asked the president if d.c. schools measure up. >> all be blunt with you. the answer is no right now.
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the d.c. public school systems are struggling. now they have made some important strides over the last several years to move in the direction of reform. >> reporter: over the past three years at d.c. secondary schools math proficiency jumped from 27 to 43% and reading proficiency from 29 to 43%. even so as the president acknowledged the city's school system is struggling. it's why the obama children attend acidwell friends, a private school -- sidwell friends, a private school where tuition costs $31,000 a year. experts say there is a clear divide. >> in a public school they're studying at home and private school settings you may have kids who are well fed whose parents are very invested in their education ensuring they're doing homework and studying. they have a different set of circumstances. >> reporter: the following statement was released by dccs saying, "we appreciate the president recognizes the
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important steps to reform that have been taken at d.c. public schools. we are proud of the growth our students have shown during the last three years of reform and that growth and the reforms will continue until d.c. has the world class public education system that the district's children deserve." now the president did say that there are some terrific individual public schools in d.c. today as the president pushed public education reform, he also discussed charter takeovers of low performing schools. mr. obama also announced a new goal of recruiting 10,000 science and math teachers over the next two years. >> it certainly has a lot of people talking. thank you. we'll revisit this later in our second half hour. meantime little trivia here. president jimmy carter was the last president to send his kids to a public school in washington. d.c.'s budget hole is much worse than expected. the city is now projecting a $175 million deficit. the washington post reports the city's revenues for the fiscal year 2011 are off by an
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estimated $100 million. city officials blame a drop in sales and income taxes. other contributors here? about 25 million in cost overruns by d.c. public schools and at least a $33 million shortage in medicaid funding due to cuts by congress. new tonight charges of police misconduct in prince george's county. people who live in a landover neighborhood are outraged over the police shooting of a dog and tonight the prince george's police chief is personally trying to calm some of the anger. fox 5's bob barnard is here with this story. >> well, this is not one of those cut and dry cases. the dog was shot and killed by police in the confusing aftermath of an attempted armed carjacking during which shots were fired by the victim. it was his brother's dog that was killed by one of the responding officers as police tried to put that brother in handcuffs. we spoke to their mother tonight. >> oh, boy, it was like a whirlwind around here. >> reporter: dewanna barlow said like many in her landover
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neighborhood last thursday morning around 1 a.m. she was awakened by the sound of gunfire. she said her son micah was spraying his own crown vick was bullets as armed thieves trying to steal it. then her other son's 4-year-old dog sterling was shot dead by one of the responding police officers. >> she shot mercedes. they put both my -- they shot mercedes. they put both my sons in handcuffs. they had my neighbors on ground and i had to ask to go to the bathroom in my own house. that's so sad. >> reporter: community leaders are calling the incident outrageous. >> this young man pleaded for his dog not to be killed. and they killed his dog. >> reporter: inside nearby highland park elementary school prince george's county police chief roberto hilton and other police brass met with the community promising the entire police force will be trained to deal with aggressive animals. >> and if we use inappropriate
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force, unnecessary force during that event, people are going to be held accountable. >> reporter: chief hilton says officers were called to fiji avenue because of reports ofdown fire and shot mercedes when his owner -- of gunfire and shot mercedes when his owner wouldn't comply with demands that he get on the ground. investigators later found six weapons including a sawed off shotgun inside the barlow home. >> i didn't raise no criminals and i don't appreciate them treating them like criminals either. >> reporter: police say it was a murky situation but are treating it seriously. >> our police department does not condone unnecessary force or excessive force under any circumstances, for humans or with pets. >> reporter: police say the officer who shot mercedes, corporal rashaun robinson is a 10 year veteran and army reservist. u.s. nuclear sites vulnerable to a dark, that's the word from high ranking -- attack, that's the word from high ranking former u.s. military leaders and who they say could be behind that attack
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will shock you. the newly declassified information is next. and a fox exclusive, chrysler employees caught on camera drinking on their lunch break. tonight the company makes a major decision. and southwest is buying out another big discount airline. we're breaking down what it means for your travel plans still ahead.  n
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four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout.
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ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do. are aliens interfering with u.s. nuclear weapons? top veterans say they have the proof next. )
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announcer: has the overpowering smell of scented garbage bags taken over your kitchen? (woman blows at scented tree) hefty bags with unscented odor block technology help neutralize odors with no added scent. hefty! hefty! hefty! an emergency landing caught on camera. look at this cell phone video shot by a passenger on a delta connection flight. you can see the sparks flying as the plane careens down the runway. one of its wings was dragging along the tarmac. that emergency landing was made at jfk airport saturday night after the landing gear malfunctioned. no one was hurt. are aliens from outer space visiting u.s. nuclear missile sites. it's no laughing matter to a group of air force vets. tonight they're revealing what they say has been a secret for years. fox 5's tom fitzgerald reports they have the evidence to prove
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it. >> reporter: at first glance they could be any group of retired military veterans. >> i was a missile launch officer. >> communication electronics officer. >> combat missile targeting team commander. >> reporter: but besides their service in the air force, these men share something else. >> a white pulsating light in the sky. >> dark metallic in appearance with strange markings. >> reporter: stories, stories that sound out of this world. >> they fully illuminated -- the fully illuminated round object was hovering silent over the missile silo and shining a light down onto it. >> then from this dead stop it shoots off to the east just like now you see it, now you don't. >> reporter: flying saucers, aliens, visitors? whatever they're called these seven air force nuclear missile veterans claim to have seen ufos over 1960s nuclear missile sites that they say briefly shut the facilities down when the ufos were there. >> this planet is being visited by beings from another world.
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>> reporter: sound far fetched? well, the group produced old air force documents recounting reports of flying discs, flying saucers and balls of fire, the same type robert salas said he saw while stationed at montana's malstrom air force base in 1967. >> a red glowing object hovering just above our front gate. >> reporter: but while interesting aliens from other planets visiting earth is nothing new, critics say government efforts to look into reported alien sightings are very old, have never found concrete proof. >> at this point in time i'm in a bunker. >> reporter: the senior curator of the national air and space museum says he's questioned ufo conspiracy theories for years and has come away a nonbeliever. >> i always probed pretty hard, what kinds of evidence do you have to support this? i have yet to see any. >> reporter: but these veterans insist they have actually seen proof with their own eyes even
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if they can't say for sure who or what they actually -- may actually be out there. >> your guess is as good as mine. i can't answer that question. >> reporter: tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. >> we contacted the u.s. air force's office of special investigation headquarters at andrews air force base. a spokesperson told us they received lots of questions about the veterans claims but aren't aware of an open case on ufos or alien sightings at nuclear missile ranges. new details tonight in a story seen only on fox. several chrysler employees are now out of work after they were caught on camera drinking during a lunch break. we showed you this video last week. workers from a detroit assembly plant drinking beer, smoking what appears to be marijuana. chrysler announced today that 13 of the 15 people identified in that video have been fired. the two other employees were laid off without pay for one month. southwest airlines could soon be flying out of reagan national airport. discount carrier agreed to a
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billion dollar deal to buy airtran airlines securing its nine gates at reagan. fox 5's matt ackland breaks down what this means for travelers. >> reporter: it already carries more passengers than any other american airline and now with a $1.4 billion tentative deal southwest airlines will take over another low cost airline, increasing its presence in the northeast and atlanta. >> we were all surprised. this one kind of caught us off balance. it had been rumored for a long time. >> reporter: airline expert darrell jenkins said southwest went after airtran because of its presence in airports that are nearly impossible to acquire new gates. reagan national, new york's laguardia and boston's logan airports to name a few plus now southwest can go head to head with delta in atlanta where airtran has its hub. >> this is a huge deal for them. not only do they have that, but you have mexico and the caribbean and southwest has never had any international flying. so they're getting 10 years worth of growth out of this
10:21 pm
merger. >> reporter: luella rhodes is on her way back to atlanta and flies airtran often and hopes southwest will improve on already great service she receives from airtran. >> i'm really praying that the service will continue to be great. our flights will be on time and most of all, we get very reasonable rates and air fare. >> reporter: what about ticket prices? will they go down because southwest is at reagan? jenkins says don't bet on it. remember airtran is already a low cost airline. >> smart move on the part of southwest and i think you're going to see some southwest come out of this that's just incredible. >> reporter: matt ackland, fox 5 news. time to go hands free or hang up. why some say maryland's new cell phone law won't make much difference on the roads. plus a frantic search in maryland after a house comes tumbling down. and government watchdogs sounding the alarm. the government could soon be spying on your private e-mails, even your facebook messages. 
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right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms...
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doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better.
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a building collapsed in baltimore caused tense moments this afternoon. search crews did not find anyone buried in the rubble. it crashed down around 4 p.m. on the west side of the city. people nearby do report seeing a woman standing in front of the building when it crashed to the ground, but it appears no one was hurt. there's no word yet why that building came down. you ready to go hands free? you'll have to by friday if you live in maryland. that's when the new law kicks in. fox 5's sherri ly explains exactly how the new law works. >> reporter: on a day with slick roads driving is dangerous enough, but with a cell phone glued to your ear the risk of a crash quadruples, free if you tates like maryland want to talk behind the wheel. >> based on telephone surveys in drivers in states with hand- held phone bans, we found some did switch to hands free but overall phone use was still do problem is accidents didn't go down, which is the point of these laws. hands free some drivers admit
10:26 pm
is just as risky. >> the actual conversation that everyone is having which is distracting people from paying attention to the road and that's not something you can regulate. >> reporter: in every other state and the district police can stop a car just for violating the cell phone ban, not in maryland. >> i don't understand why you'd bother to make a law like that. i mean just a waste of time for everybody. if you're going to make it illegal, make it illegal and if not, then don't. >> reporter: the state's law which takes effect friday is a secondary offense which means police must see you doing something else wrong like speeding. the fine is $40 for a first offense, 100 for a second one and comes with no points unless you get into an accident. >> if you're texting or talking on the phone while driving, you're probably doing something else wrong. >> reporter: enforcing the law could be problematic. people can legally dial and hang up making it difficult to tell whether someone is actually breaking the law. >> over time if a law can't be
10:27 pm
enforced, compliance will slide. sherry ly, fox 5 news. president obama says d.c. schools don't measure up. tonight we're diving into the president's suggestions to make public schools better, merit pay, longer school days. our experts weigh in next. one man's memory so bad he'd forget where he puts his keys. i think a lot of us do that sometimes, but there is a brand- new brain game that's helping him get control of his life. that's coming up next. ssll
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you're watching fox 5 news at 10:00. he is the most powerful dad in washington and today president obama focused his attention briefly on d.c. public schools. his remarks are blunt and they are causing controversy. on the today show a florida woman asked the president if he thought his daughters could get just as good of education in d.c. public schools as they get in private school. here's his answer. >> i'll be blunt with you.
10:31 pm
the answer is no right now. the d.c. public school systems are struggling. now they have made some important strides over the last several years to move in the direction of reform. >> reporter: test scores have jumped significantly since 2007 when major reforms did begin in d.c. under the watch of schools chancellor michelle rhee. even still less than half of the students in d.c. public schools now are reading and doing math at grade level, but this isn't just an issue for d.c. schools. some say it is a nationwide crisis and that is what is being discussed at an education summit happening right now in new york. we want to bring in tonight's panel on this. byron garrett is the ceo of the national pta. he is taking part in that summit in new york and joins us live from our fox affiliate in new york city. here in our fox 5 studios is jeff smith, the executive director of d.c. voice, a nonprofit education advocacy group. thank you both for being with us, gentlemen. we want to start comment abouts
10:32 pm
today from the president. mr. smith, let's start -- comments today from the president. mr. smith, let's start with you. did the president go too far with his criticism saying he wouldn't send his own daughters to the schools? what's your reaction? >> i don't think so. it's been obvious for quite some time now that the president and quite frankly, a lot of local leaders, too aren't willing to send their own kids to their neighborhood school or to d.c. public schools at large. i think what is unclear and a lot of people are being given the misimpression that they don't measure up by any of our standards, not by parents, not by teachers, not by the black community in d.c. or the white community and sometimes we seem to overlook that and think simply the media or some of our politicians or local leaders are the only ones upset with the crisis we are in here in d.c. public schools. >> we'll talk more about the crisis and what we can do to better it, to improve the situation, but first, mr. garrett, i want to give that question to you. do you think the president was too harsh when it comes to d.c.
10:33 pm
public schools today? >> well, good evening to you. i don't think the president was too harsh. i think he was asked a question and unlike many politicians the president gave a very direct factual answer but follows it up to say that there are great schools that are in d.c. but it just so happens the majority of them are not at this point in time and collectively we need to work together as adults to set aside our issues to ensure we provide a quality education for every child, not only in the district of columbia but also across the nation. >> mr. garrett, some of the things that he implied could be good toward making progress in d.c. public schools, improving the situation, longer school year, merit pay for teachers, firing underperforming teachers. what's your reaction to some of the ways that we can improve things according to the president? >> more on the reality for what the president said, much of that is based in research. when you look at the fact that the typical student in america goes to school 20% less than students in our countries that have advanced our nation, right
10:34 pm
now in we're ranked no. 9 in industrialized nation. so how do we get -- nations. so how do we get bad teachers out of the classrooms and give qualified teachers the resources, tools and compensation to meet the expectations? those are very valid points that the president made today and we need to listen to that in the broadest context possible and say what strides do we now make? our children are not learning not only in d.c., but across this country and we have a responsibility and an obligation to ensure that we provide them with a quality education. >> these are already some of the things that we've seen michelle rhee do in her aggressive action to try to reform d.c. public schools. mr. smith, do you think she took the right actions? what's your opinion of her and what she's done? >> i think some of her efforts have been strong, particularly those around what's missing from a lot of this conversation, professional development and making sure existing teachers have some of the supports they need to become high quality teachers. i think one thing that the city has overlooked and even in the
10:35 pm
president's comments and the secretary of education's comments are the supports that are needed, more against sievely from a city or municipality -- comprehensively from a city or municipality to support kids' learning needs. we're sending kids from bad communities into bad schools and bad classrooms and overlooking at community aspect of what should be community schools and the need to supply agencies from department of human services, department of mental health, basic things like parks and rec and libraries even for the educational outcomes of our young people. we can't be expecting these classroom teachers to be counselors, social workers and psychologists and address all the needs kids are coming to school with each day. >> i think you're also getting at parents involvement and isn't that a crucial element to turning things around? >> i think it is, but again more robustly community involvement and an involvement from the other elements affecting a child's life, but there are very few systemic supports for parents to become engaged in their child's own
10:36 pm
learning outcomes. there's very little professional development or parental development to teach parents how to become better supporters of their kids' learning outcome. i think till we have that addressed comprehensively in our massive education planning and how we are building schools to make sure there is welcoming climates both for teachers, young people and community members to become involved we'll continue to see an absence of involvement from the people we need like parents across the state. >> byron garrett, what is key to turning things around? is parent involvement also a critical piece of this? >> without a doubt and there's research that shows just as recently as this spring coming out of the university of chicago that shows there are five critical almosts to turning around low performing schools and family engagement is a leading indicator. so specifically for folks in the district we need to realize this is not just on the educator, not just on the administrator or superintendent or chancellor. this is a collective responsibility and parents need
10:37 pm
to step up to the plate, students need to step up to the mate and we need to ensure -- plate and we need to ensure we have the appropriate resources and materials needed and collectively we share in the success of our children just as we also must own up to the failure that has taken place to this day. >> thank you both for joining us and weighing in on this very important topic that has a lot of people across the country talking about it. thank you both. >> thank you. one of president obama's suggestions was to improve education in the u.s. would be to have a longer school year. we want to know what you think about that. do you believe that that would help students? we invite you to log onto take our web poll. you'll find it on our homepage. your private e-mail, facebook messages, even skype all available for the government to check on, that is, if new regulations get passed. why agencies say they need those regulations to fight terrorism. plus you think we had a lot of rain? check out the midwest under water.
10:38 pm
we're taking you right into the flood zone coming up. words alone aren't enough. our job is to listen and find ways to help workers who lost their jobs to the spill. i'm iris cross. we'll keep restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and businesses impacted by the spill. we've paid over $400 million in claims and set up a $20 billion independently-run claims fund. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. i'm gonna be here until we make this right.
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 this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically.
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the obama administration is reportedly working on new legislation that would give the government better access to your electronic communications. the proposal could force companies to have the framework in place to unscramble encrypted messages and foreign- based companies doing business in the u.s. could be required to have a domestic office that can perform intercepts. >> i think it would be hard to assure consumers about privacy if the mandate is that the product be built in with a trap door to allow for government access. the bad guys can find the trap door, too want.
10:42 pm
>> many within the tech industry are -- too. >> many within the tech industry are expressing concerns about the price tag of developing these shortcuts for the government. the vice president's residence at the u.s. naval observatory is getting new security improvements. the naval plans to install a 10- foot security fence and additional check points around the compound. the national capital planning commission approved the $1.7 million project. the secret service said the upgrades are not a response to any specific threats against the vice president or his family. on the news edge at 11:00 hunt for a hit and run driver after a woman is left for dead in the street. tonight her family is speaking out. plus there are clues that could lead to the driver. d.c.'s chief lanier under fire, the decision that has sparked a war of words and what it could mean for her job. and did the u.s. just unleash a major cyber attack on iran? the computer virus wreaking havoc coming up on the news edge at 11:00.
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10:44 pm
another round of heavy rain with a tropical connection later this week, forecast next. 
10:45 pm
10:46 pm
heavy rains leaving parts of the midwest soaked and under water. massive flooding, devastating parts of wisconsin, minnesota and south dakota. fox's mike tobin has the story. >> reporter: heavy rains across the midwest leave to massive flooding in three states. >> we have had flooding before but not to this degree. it came up so fast. >> reporter: the folks at the national weather service say the wisconsin river broke a record that stood for more than 70 years. the waters are expected to hold steady through tuesday and begin receding after that. flooded roads making it hard for people to get around. >> this stretch here we barely got through in our little car. >> reporter: in del rapids south dakota they're fighting floodwaters from the big sioux river. fire officials say the worst appears to be over and levels are expected to start dropping tomorrow. jim peters has lived here more than 30 years and says this is the worst he's seen in a decade. >> you got to wait till it's
10:47 pm
completely out and then you come in and clean up. >> reporter: minnesota governor tim pawlenty spent the weekend touring some of the hardest hit areas in his state including zumbro falls where nearly half the homes in the small community were destroyed or damaged and in truman where water filled the streets. an early october special session was approved today for a special flood package. >> there's certain thresholds that have to be met, but i'm pretty sure in term of public damage that will be met. >> reporter: governor pawlenty said he expects the state's share of overall relief to be covered by a surplus of $200 million in minnesota's budget. >> we are seeing weather extremes all over the place, the flooding there, our share of rain today. >> and the heat in los angeles that is a big story, 113 degrees in los angeles and it's the end of september. it's the warmest temperature on record for them.
10:48 pm
it beat their all time record high. in the setup out there it's like what approach do uses the santa ana winds, high pressure bringing down mountain air and it's compressing and heating up. it's going to be a hot week for them. >> are the winds going along with the heat? >> the wind is not present. it's like santa ana minus the big winds. >> thank goodness. >> last thing they need and we needed rain. not everybody got it, but some of us got real heavy rain, an an inch to 2 inches and more coming tonight but even tonight not everybody will get in on the heaviest of the rain, but we have another chance coming. the pattern is really changing big time and there will be more heavy rain coming later this week. so fasten your seatbelts, folks, especially if you're looking at this live shot bouncing around tonight. no, the winds aren't that strong and the rain in most areas not too heavy. we'll start with live radar tonight. most of our region on the dry side this hour, heavier rain confined to the delmarva peninsula and this is all moving south to north. so that we'll have these bands of south to north kind of
10:49 pm
streamers of rain coming through overnight, first one tonight affecting the delmarva but over to max hd satellite and radar you can see we have others that will be coming later tonight primarily driven by an area of low pressure down over georgia. so that's what's going on tonight. you can see more heavy rain coming through the carolinas. some of this is not staying as organized as it has been down here through the carolinas, but then we have this upper level low pressure spinning now coming into south carolina and that is also going to draw some of this moisture northward. notice how it's trying to fill in here. some of this may also go up through the western areas through the mountain. bottom line is there will be some good rain around the region tonight. there could even be a thunderstorm overnight and some of these storms could even try to rotate going through the overnight hours into the early part of the rush hour, but it is streams of south to north rain. so some of us may miss out on the heaviest rain. it will mostly be around in the morning. i think the afternoon is a lot drier, another round of tropical rain potentially
10:50 pm
heavier is in the forecast for us thursday. then good news, it's a cooler drier weekend and we may be making up quite a bit of our deficit by the time the weekend rolls around. a flash flood watch is in effect through top morning. this is going to go until about 8:00 -- tomorrow morning. this is going to go until about 8:00 in the morning. the potential exists for flooding. it doesn't mean flooding is occurring. earlier today we did have flood warnings for montgomery and howard county. that's not going on now. there could be a couple spots that get an inch to 2 inches of rain. if you get a thunderstorm, it could be on the order of 3 inches or more, but most places around 1/2-inch to an inch tonight and 1 to 2 inches of rain on top of what we've already had in the heaviest spot and our area is outlook for the slight possibility of a thunderstorm that could actually have some gusty winds and maybe some rotation through the morning hours. so the flash flood watch overnight, it will be rainy in some spots. i think the heaviest rain will try to stay east about 70 degrees overnight, so not cold, but that south wind staying mild.
10:51 pm
most of the rain shuts off early tomorrow, maybe an afternoon shower here or there and we get up to 81 degrees, but that's the warmest day this week. 8:00 in the morning some showers, 70. by noon i think the sun will try out and our high for the day will very much depend on how much sun in the afternoon. there's a slight chance we could build up one or two more showers in the afternoon because it will be somewhat unstable as we heat up a bit. the changing weather pattern, high pressure out in the ocean and a trough now building kind of persistently opening up for the east coast tropical highway. we have a lot of activity, abundant moisture in the caribbean. this is looking like it wants to organize and try to move north. so this is the sketch we'll be getting on thursday and that could produce several inches of rain as well. nothing organized down here in the caribbean, but it definitely is getting more active and, in fact, some of the rain that we even pick up on thursday could have a tropical connection to perhaps tropical storm matthew that went into nicaragua earlier this week in the honduras and maybe even a new tropical storm
10:52 pm
forming. futurecast is trying to show us that heavy rain 7:00 in the morning. this is taking you on into thursday and then ending late in the day thursday. so your five-day forecast for a change has some pretty heavy rain in it. what we get tonight will translate just to some showers tomorrow morning. 75 degrees then on wednesday, rain coming in late wednesday and into thursday and we stay in the mid-70s through the end of the week and saturday the first real feel of fall 68 degrees here, looks like a cooler drier weekend. >> like the sound of that. >> just watch the morning drive tomorrow, but not everybody will get the heavy rain. >> thank you, sue. the redskins kicked off the season with a big win over the cowboys. >> after a heartbreaking loss to the texans and yesterday's upset loss to the rams, it's back to the drawing board for the skin. sports director dave feldman is here with more on the aftermath, feldy. >> sometimes the numbers do not lie. prior to yesterday the rams had lost their last 14 home games straight and 27 of their last
10:53 pm
28 overall and we all know what happened yesterday in the gateway to the west. redskins fell behind from the get go. stephen jackson on the rams first drive broke one, 42 yards for a touchdown. the rams jumped out to a 14-0 lead just 6:12 into the game. credit the redskins for rallying taking the lead but the rams responded with the final 16 points of the game. backup kenneth darby scoring the game winning touchdown in the 3rd. the redskins for the second straight week surrender 30 points and lose and today some post st. louis blues. >> i think giving up that 14- point cushion really hurts because we had to fight back and in the end i think that's how it started out. >> just feels like we're not as bad as we might think it is because if we're losing, i feel like it's just we have to put it together and just keep working. >> it's very frustrating. you know, we have a couple good
10:54 pm
plays by santana and cooley and some run plays that guys are picking up big yards from ryan and clayton. i mean again it's one that's obviously disturbing for us on the offense side because we're much better than what we showed today. if mcnabb thought yesterday was rough, imagine how this week is going to be when he's getting ready to go back to philly present his entire nfl career and have the worst or best sports media depending where you look at it and they will grill him about everything on going back and we'll get to talk to him wednesday. so now he's got to deal with. that meanwhile the eagles are pretty hot for michael vick. >> he, what threw three touchdowns, ran a touchdown last week? >> yeah. >> just another redskins team that plays up to a good team and down to a bad? >> too early to tell, but some people think that might be the case. also coming up at 11:00, gilbert arenas, media day, he looks and sounds a bit
10:55 pm
different. >> thanks, feldy. new treatment is giving people with adhd hope. it could help them stay away from a slew of medications, the new brain game coming up next. in minutes at 11:00 looking for a job? one website could end up leaving you scanned. the warning you need to hear on the news edge at 11:00. >> today's five-day forecast is brought to you by your local dodge jeep and chrysler dealers. an
10:56 pm
an words alone aren't enough. my job is to listen to the needs and frustrations of the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel or restaurant workers who lost their jobs to the spill. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. our job is to listen and find ways to help. that means working with communities. restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and businesses impacted by the spill. we've paid over $400 million in claims and set up a $20 billion
10:57 pm
independently-run claims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work. and our efforts aren't coming at tax-payer expense. i know people are wondering-- now that the well is capped, is bp gonna meet its commitments? i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. i'm gonna be here until we make this right. right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better. in china, they're busy building wind farms and expanding clean energy manufacturing. but in america, gridlock has held us back.
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now, the senate can change that - by passing a renewable electricity standard. it will spur development of clean energy and boost manufacturing in america, creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs. so we can make our own energy future - not just buy it from china. call your senators and urge them to pass a renewable electricity standard today. could a game be the answer for people who have adhd? it could be the secret to better meant focus. here's the explanation. >> light blue, light blue. red, red. >> reporter: this former college prof is now becoming a student. >> things -- professor is now becoming a student. >> things that i knew perfectly well to talk about in class weren't there anymore. >> reporter: dr. jack lowman said he couldn't remember where
10:59 pm
he put his key as long with information he'd studied for decades. >> i was forgetting a lot of facts, names of powe wets and poem -- poets and names of poems. >> reporter: that led him here to use brain train. with each click of the mouse he's stimulating parts of the brain to help him remember. >> it's like taking your brain to the gym and exercising it and getting that muscle pumping and working effectively. >> reporter: this psychologist uses brain train for kids 7 and older to help attention deficit, memory problems and improve processing speed. >> you start off playing short amounts of time and as you play, the games get longer and longer. so while you would initially pay attention for three minutes at a time, after you play a couple weeks, you're sustaining attention for five or six minutes at a time. >> reporter: while she said it doesn't replace stimulant pills, it does help some patients avoid them in the first place. >> i've seen folks who have not needed to start medication because they've done well enough after doing brain train. >> the

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